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About us

We have no idea which of our prehistoric ancestors first cut a hole in a skin, thrust his head through and shouted “Eureka, I have a shirt!” but we do know that this is how shirts were worn until the late 1800’s, when shirts that opened down the front were introduced.

We at Shirts Island want to spread the knowledge we have about shirts, clothing and everything that comes with it. Be it tying a knot on a tie or which tie goes with which shirt, there’s a lot on this website that could probably change the way you look at your wardrobe.

On this website, you will find endless information which will keep coming at a decent pace, we will talk about collars, cuffs, fabrics, patterns and a lot more. That’s our part, what we want from you is to participate and let us know what you like, what is informative and useful for you and how we can contribute more towards enhancing your lifestyle.